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Products | TURB-O-K-VAC

The TURB-O-K-VAC is a grain vac which uses air to draw the grain into it and move it through, which tends to be gentler on the grain.  This system is ideal for farmers and commercial operators who move delicate or high-value seed.  Our grain vac is very versitile and portable, making it helpful for farmers who have serveral grain-holding facility sites.
  • Hydraulic truck load kit - easily set for all trucks and semis

  • Hinged cyclone eliminates lifting, provides narrow transport and easy set-up

  • Heavy duty frame, Tor-flex axles, highway tires and fenders

  • New belt drive on high capacity, positive displacement blower

  • Easy to service dust removal system

  • Rear entry receiver lets you see the unloading spout from inside the bin

  • Large capacity receiver tank for cleaning out drills and air seeders

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The TURB-O-K-VAC system moves grain from intake to discharge entirely by air. During operation, grain and air enter at the receiver cyclone and is separated. The air is drawn upward in a cyclone action which creates a TURBO ACTION precleaner separation system. The dust removal system then removes an additional 70% of the lighter dust before it passes through the blower. The grain, being heavier than air, swirls around the smooth interior of the receiver cyclone down to the airlock. The blow-through pipe then conveys the grain through the discharge pipe.

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